About Me

My Family:

I live with a wonderful person with whom I have raised a wonderful daughter.  I tend to be a fairly private person, so there is likely little more that will be said on this subject.

My Hobbies:

I like exploring.  I explore abandoned buildings.  I explore places that have any type of history.  I read.  I listen to music.  I travel.  I explore.  Did I mention I like to explore?  I also like cameras, both still and video.  I like technology as a whole.  Oh, and I explore.

My Work:

I am a database administrator at Canadore College in North Bay, Ontario.  I have worked for Canadore since 2014.  Before that, I spent 13 years at Cambrian College in Sudbury, Ontario.

I began as a web programmer, then a programmer in general, and then as an Oracle and SQL Server Database Administrator.  Aside from just Oracle, however, I also administer the College's Banner system.